Crystal Gayle


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The appearance of this strain is probably what most people would talk about if forced to choose, as it is truly impressive and beautiful, possessing both great structure as well as trichome coverage. Though we wanted the taste to match the lovely smell, it was adequate and didn’t harm the experience in the least — the smoke was very smooth and enjoyable. The area where this strain really shined though was in its initial potency and its long-lasting duration, both of which were top-notch. In previous experience with the Northern Lights used in this cross, that was true of that strain as well — very enduring med that stays at medicinal levels longer than most. The particular brand of functional Indica relief this strain offered will help almost anyone dealing with daily pains and stresses while leaving them able to live their lives capably and handle social and professional situations. This new cross is great for intermediate users but will even impress the connoisseurs with its appearance and staying power.

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