Angel OG AAA (IN)


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Effects: euphoric body high, happiness, insomnia treatment, creativity, energized, red itchy eyes, giggles, mood uplifting, improved focus, dry mouth
May Relieve: chronic pain, stress, constant feelings of hopelessness, cramps, muscle spasms, nausea, lack of appetite, inflammation, digestive disorders, PTSD

Angel OG

Angel OG is a moderately potent cannabis strain best known for its ability to produce an out of this world mellowing relaxation.
The indica dominant strain is 70% indica and 30% sativa. Its high indica percentage makes it just the right strain for when you want to chill out and vitalize your entire body.

Angel OG is an offspring of Blackberry and OG Kush. It comes with a remarkable THC level of up to 19% making it a perfect cannabis strain for both medicinal and recreational use.

The strain is famous for generating creative cerebral stimulation in a uniquely nice fashion. Unlike most indica-dominant strains, the stimulation generated by Angel OG doesn’t leave you sedated or make you want to sleep on the couch all day or ‘couch-locked’.

Instead, Angel OG hits you with a wave of extremely soothing effects that wash over your entire body to keep you relaxed and focused at the same time.

We say that the euphoric high generated by Angel OG is one of the pleasurable euphoric highs you’ll ever experience.
Its Sativa genes work overtime to boost your mental creativity and focus, which makes you concentrate on completing your most daunting tasks.

While Angel OG may leave you feeling a bit spaced out or make you feel a little dreamy, you’ll experience next-level tranquility and forget your worries or stress for the duration of the high. This is very important for your mental and physical well-being.

Appearance, Taste and Aroma

Angel OG is nicknamed the cannabis strain for senses. It has a perfectly revitalizing woody aroma and taste with sweet and earthy notes. When you smoke or grind the beautiful buds of Angel OG, they release fragrant, woody, earthy, and pungent aromas.

Angel OG comes with a set of captivating flavors that range from pungent, herbal, sweet, and dank to pine flavors.

Angel OG is certainly one of the many cannabis strains with an incredible taste. It derives its sweet taste from its parent plants, Blackberry and OG Kush, which are well-known for their fruity, earthy flavor and aroma with subtle hints of pine and berries.
To experience Angel OG’s flavor profile at its best, try vaping it. You’ll love every minute of the smooth and tasty vapor produced by this strain. The best thing about smooth vapor is it doesn’t irritate your throat.


Angel OG creates some of the best indica effects. Although its high begins slowly, the strain offers mind-blowing euphoria that will uplift your mood.

Also, you may experience impulsive giggles and become more talkative after consuming Angel OG. The best part about this strain is that it comes packed with all the amazing effects characteristic of an Cannabis indica.

Angel OG’s euphoric high goes through your entire body, from head to toe, to give you an amazingly soothing sensation. For this reason, Angel OG AAA is one of the best strains for relieving body tension and stress. It achieves this by sedating and calming both the body and mind.

Thanks to Angel OG’s extremely relaxing properties, the indica-dominant strain is very effective at inducing sleep. People who struggle with a lack of sleep find Angel OG AAA very helpful.

Also, if you’ve had a tiring day at work and you just want to unwind and relax, Angel OG is the strain to go for.
When enjoying this amazing indica-dominant strain, you’re advised to drink a lot of water before, during and after. In fact, keep a bottle of water within reach because you’re highly likely to experience cottonmouth.

Furthermore, expect a bunch of other side effects such as itchy, red, and dry eyes. We should also mention that Angel OG may make you feel paranoid and anxious if you ingest a high dose.

When it comes to medical use, Angel OG has a wide range of applications. Because of its ability to induce a euphoric high, the strain is very useful to people who struggle with stress. Additionally, Angel OG is used to ease signs of depression.
Thanks to Angel OG’s mood uplifting characteristics, the strain is particularly helpful to patients who struggle with devastating anxiety or those who are always under constant feelings of hopelessness.

This cannabis strain offers the much-needed stimulation necessary for restoring appetite. Therefore, if you struggle with eating-related disorders, Angel OG AAA might help you get your appetite back.

Also, cancer patients struggling with conditions such as the unsettled stomach, especially after chemotherapy should consider using this strain to restore their appetite.

In addition to restoring appetite, Angel OG is also a great natural painkiller. People find it highly effective at easing chronic pain, headaches, and migraines. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that make it a great medication for easing aches and body pains.

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