Amnesia Haze AAAA (SA)


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Effects: Energizing, euphoric high, happiness, relaxation, joy, creativity boost, giggly, bloodshot eyes, cottonmouth, dizziness
May Relieve: Lack of sleep, loss of appetite, chronic pain, ADD/ADHD, depression, migraines, headaches, tiredness, anxiety, stress, hyperactivity

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a highly potent Sativa-dominant marijuana strain that won’t impair your memory regardless of its high level of THC. In fact, the hybrid is great at stimulating the mind and motivating you to finish your most daunting tasks. Unlike other Sativa dominant hybrids, Amnesia Haze is said to induce cerebral stimulation rather than forgetfulness.

This amazing hybrid is an offspring of stable strain Haze and a number of landraces such as Hawaiian, Afghani, and Thai. The fact that Amnesia Haze has a touch of landraces in its lineage means that it has some powerful indica genes. Its Sativa genes are more powerful, and that’s why the huge majority of its users consider it to be a Sativa.

It presently in the market is sourced from Soma Seeds. As you may know, Soma Seeds is an award-winning cannabis company based in the Netherlands and is famous for its ingenious and richly flavored marijuana strains such as Lavender.

The Amnesia Haze cannabis strain has sativa to indica ratio of approximately 80%:20%. This means the hybrid is highly energizing and is thus perfect for use in the morning and during the day. The high Sativa percentage also makes Amnesia Haze a great cannabis strain for clearheaded thinking.

THC content in Amnesia Haze is between 20 to 22 percent. Its CBD level, on the other hand, is slightly below 1 percent. As such, It isn’t the best cannabis strain for the treatment of epilepsy. It is, however, just the right choice for relieving symptoms of ADD, depression, and chronic pain.

Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma

It is easily distinguishable thanks to its thick, dense flowers and pungent earthy smell. Its buds are greenish to yellow in color with rust-colored pistils. They also tend to be tightly-packed and comical in shape.

If you have any experience with landrace cross hybrids then you know that they have an amazing fruity taste, which is inherited from their landrace parents.

Amnesia Haze, like other landrace cross strains, has an incredible taste that’s guaranteed to take your taste buds into a whole new world.

Properly cured buds of the Amnesia Haze cannabis strain have a strong earthy scent, with little notes of citrus and lemon. But, to get the best of this strains’ aroma profile, consider grinding the buds up and experience the very best of fruity and spicy aroma classic of landrace marijuana.

Grow Info

Growing time is about 10-12 weeks. Unfortunately, Amnesia Haze isn’t the easiest cannabis strain to grow. The strain is extremely susceptible to pests and diseases and requires special climatic conditions (sunny and balmy climate) which are not easy to recreate indoors. For these reasons, the cultivation of Amnesia Haze is largely reserved for experienced cannabis growers.

If you happen to live in an environment that’s conducive for the cultivation of Amnesia Haze, you may want to watch your plants closely for pests and diseases. When grown outdoors in a conducive environment, Amnesia Haze yields up to 25 ounces of consumable herb per plant.


It is not your average landrace cannabis hybrid. Unlike other sativa-dominant hybrids, its euphoric high doesn’t hit nearly as fast. However, while the high might take several minutes to kick in, it creates a one of a kind cerebral sensation that paves the way for the strain’s full potential.

The hybrid creates a very potent, dreamy head high that may alter your perception of time. Additionally, the strain can boost creativity making it the ideal cannabis to ingest when you want to brainstorm.

If consumed in the right dosage, It can brighten up your day with its dreamy head euphoria. You’ll also be able to ease through your day to day activities thanks to Amnesia Haze’s energy boost.

Smoke a large amount of Amnesia Haze and experience the very best of the strain’s indica genes. It will numb your pain and create an extraordinary level of body relaxation. With such high levels of body relaxation, you’ll drift away into your own world of pure bliss.

The Amnesia Haze cannabis strain can also be used in the medical field to cure and help manage a host of conditions. The hybrid has mind uplifting capabilities that allow it to be an effective remedy for anxiety, stress, and depression.

Additionally, its intense body high makes it a fantastic remedy for chronic pain, headaches, and migraines. People with persistent digestive irritations can also use Amnesia Haze to ease the pain.

Other medical conditions that can be resolved using Amnesia Haze include ADD/ADHD, hyperactivity and cancer. If you struggle with insomnia, appetite loss, and constant feelings of fatigue, Amnesia Haze is the strain for you.

It does not cause recursive thinking patterns, you feel nervous or become paranoid when you smoke the strain. However, expect some adverse effects including bloodshot eyes, dizziness, and cottonmouth, especially when you consume too much.

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