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If you are looking for fast and powerful THC oil that won’t break the bank and will exceed your expectations, then our new 750mg THC tincture is for you! Dr Good Dabs new THC tinctures are a great way to get high, wherever you are, while lifting your mood and relieving stress! Our small and discreet bottle makes dosing simple, and convenient. When dosing with THC oil, you get a variety of dosing options. Choose from dropping a few drops underneath your tongue, adding it into your morning tea or coffee, or even adding a few drops on top of your food (we recommend adding it to sauces and dressings)! The THC oil used in our new THC tinctures is the same high-quality organic MCT oil that is used in all Dr Good Dabs products. Our THC oil comes in a small amber glass bottle to help preserve the quality. Make sure that you are always storing Dr Good Dabs 750mg THC tincture in a cool, dark place and always shake well before using. Unlike other forms of cannabis consumption, edibles effect everyone very differently. Newcomers should start with a few drops until they are used to it, and the more seasoned users should start with a quarter of a dropper. Once you are used to the effects and can gauge the dosage amount for your needs, you can increase your amount as needed. The best way to absorb the THC oil is to place a dropper under your tongue and hold it there for a least one minute. Many people experience pain relief, relaxation, as well as euphoric and elated feelings. Enjoy dosing in a fast and convenient way. Just remember that there is a very potent high that you should always expect from any Dr Good Dabs product!

Dr Good Dabs THC tincture comes in a 25ml bottle with dropper and 750mg THC.

Whether you are using Dr Good Dabs THC Oils medically or recreationally, here are some facts:

  • Remember that edible oils effect you differently than smoking does. Always start slow and consume with caution. The effects of eating cannabis can take longer than other forms of consuming cannabis, and the effects will vary depending on the person. Ideal for non-smokers. Enjoy responsibly.
  • Everyone reacts differently to cannabis and we all have different medical histories. Talk to your Medical Practitioner before consuming any of our Dr Good Dabs products.
  • Keep your oil far away from children and pets. And, consume responsibly!